The Importance Of Structured Cabling

Structured cabling is a system of cabling for telecommunications lines that's organized in a way that makes maintenance and adjustments easier, more flexible, and allows for better airflow over the entire set of cables. Each telecommunications line will be neatly connected to each piece of hardware necessary for any one phone line to function, such as hardware for internet connections or other IT systems. This is done through a collection of racks, cable pathways, and the connected hardware, and it is arranged to be visibly neat and easy to understand. [Read More]

5 Reasons To Install Surveillance Cameras Outdoors

Surveillance cameras can be installed just about anywhere on your property. In addition to looking into installing them indoors, you may want to install surveillance cameras in your yard, too, for these reasons and more. 1. There Are Plenty of Outdoor-Friendly Options First of all, you will probably be happy to know that there are plenty of outdoor-friendly surveillance cameras on the market. It shouldn't be too hard to find suitable cameras for outdoor use at pretty much any price point. [Read More]

How You Can Take Security To A Higher Level At Your Business

Growing and maintaining a successful business requires you to remain aware of what is going in your workplace when you are not there. While you may have supervisors working all shifts you trust for staying on top of things, they are only human and activity like theft can still happen without them ever knowing it. Check out how you can increase the security levels in your workplace with video monitoring. [Read More]

4 Hidden Benefits Of A Home Security System

An alarm and security system on your home provides more than just protection and peace of mind from theft and vandalism. There are several lesser known benefits of systems that help protect both your home and your loved ones, while also lowering the average annual cost of the system. #1: Monitor for More Than Crime Spending many hours away from home can be a problem if you have kids or pets on their own. [Read More]